Checkpoint performance goes up a gear

Orly airport is currently testing a new screening system that eliminates the need for passengers to sort through the contents of their carry-on baggage to get through the checkpoint. 

CT X-ray technology has been used at airports for some time, but it continues to be enhanced and improved.  « CT based systems reconstruct data from hundreds of different views into volumetric 3D images. This enables Security Operators to inspect baggage from every angle by rotating the high-resolution x-ray images on the monitor, making it easier to spot any threat. Automatic explosive detection algorithms and automated object recognition software, which can detect prohibited items such as weapons, support operators in making fast and accurate decisions on a bag’s contents” said Gabriel Pequignot, Head of Market Southern Europe and Africa, Smiths Detection.

 » The HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX solution significantly reduces the number of trays required, speeds up checks, reduces waiting time, streamlines passenger flows and limits bottlenecks at checkpoints –  a truly ground-breaking achievement in aviation security” declares Smiths Detection, which estimates that waiting time at checkpoints has been reduced by a third.

Meanwhile in France, after Orly airport, Roissy airport will test this new technology before the end of 2023 and the UK will adopt it in the summer of 2024. Will it soon be available in Belgium? Only time will tell.

*HI-SCAN 6040 CTiX from Smiths Detection

Images ©Smiths Detection