Make precision medicine a reality via AI & image analysis

Meeting with Wim Vos, CEO Radiomics  

Radiomics focuses on extracting digital data from medical images. « Our final goal is to support insight-based decision making for optimising pharmaceutical and biotech companies’ clinical trials and drug development studies and for providing clinicians with a patient-centered approach based on personalised medicine.  » 

« In oncology, 3D image analysis takes into account the size, shape and composition of tumours, as well as their evolution. By taking these parameters into account, we can accurately predict the impact of a treatment on a tumour, and precisely delimit the treatment zone. » 

Standardising examination processes and technology use 

To optimise the use of AI in medicine, other factors need to be taken into consideration: examination processes, and the heterogeneity of technologies and images « Homogenising examination processes is difficult, and all the more so as technologies are evolving rapidly. But a trend seems to be emerging. The biggest challenge remains, of course, the heterogeneity of data, which makes it difficult to create large-scale models for decision-making and the use – and adoption – of these models by the medical profession. »

Wim Vos, CEO Radiomics

Belgium at the forefront of AI use

« No future developments such as ChatGPT or any other advanced AI-based model will take place in Belgium, as they require, for example, too much potential in high-performance computing (HPC). These developments will be handled by major international players such as Google, Facebook and others. On the other hand, Belgium’s expertise in the medical field puts it in a strong position when it comes to using AI in medicine and creating segmented models, » concludes Wim Vos. 

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