Airbus UpNext: Flying future technologies today! 

Automated emergency diversion in cruise, automatic landing and ground taxi assistance; Airbus UpNext presents its latest advances in flight automation.

The « Innovation » subsidiary of the European aircraft manufacturer has, on the ground and in-flight, just started testing pilot assistance technologies on an A350-1000 test aircraft. 

The “DragonFly” programme uses a battery of software and technologies including: computer vision (sensors), voice recognition, guidance calculation, automated emergency applications, etc.

Thanks to these technologies, the aircraft is able to “see” 360°, manoeuvre and adapt its trajectory autonomously, establish communication with air traffic control, land, and taxi to the boarding gate…

After unveiling the ATTOL (Autonomous Taxi, Take-Off and Landing) project in 2020, Airbus is taking a new step in flight automation with DragonFly. To be continued!

Images ©Airbus